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How we automated the sales system for O2 Slovakia

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Who is O2
The mobile phone operator O2 needs no introduction. We worked together specifically with the company O2 Slovakia, s.r.o., which has already received the title Operator of the Year several times, and the company O2 Business services a.s., which specialises in corporate clients. Both of these companies operate in Slovakia.
SFA for an effective business process
O2 Slovakia reached out to us with a clear request: Develop a comprehensive SFA (Sales Force Automation) system. They also needed to customise their CRM and convert their sales and accounting activities into well-arranged software. Last but not least, our task was to integrate our solution for external software and the current integration platform.
O2 Slovakia, s.r.o.
  • their business process ran without organisation in several partial systems
  • no way to track or evaluate business activities
  • the campaigns were susceptible to human error and dependant on human effort
  • unable to compare the performances of individual merchants
O2 Business services
  • no business system
  • provisioning and a CRM system were needed
  • request for a system for compiling and creating tariffs
  • necessary to create a billing platform for invoicing consumption and services
The goal was to automate and fine-tune the processes
The objective was clear: Streamline, simplify, and integrate the processes. Our work on this project can be split into eight areas.
1) Sales Force Automation
We made a comprehensive SFA process – everything from initial customer contact, to making the sale and the actual establishment of the service.
2) Procedures and Authorisation
We created an expansive organisational structure secured by various types of authorisation for individual users (or entire departments, if needed).
3) Personal data and GDPR
We solved problems with processing personal data, client consent with processing personal information, archiving documents, and data anonymisation, all done according to valid legislation.
4) Reporting and statistics
We prepared an entire reporting superstructure, which enables data evaluation and statistics generation for the O2 management team.
5) Billing and invoicing
In the next phase, we worked on the billing system for mobile and fixed services as well as M2M services. We handled the invoicing of individual customers, departments, branches, and companies. We joined the collected data in the CRM. We then evaluated the customer billing and invoicing based on their needs and set prices.
6) Integration and connection
We carried out the integration of the SAP accounting and SMS handler, we connected the individual price lists for O2 clients, current tariff monitoring, shopping services, increased credit for mobile services, and other processes complex to system logistics. We also handled connecting the business record with the scoring companies.
7) Encrypting and exporting
At the end of the sales workflow, we added the option to generate PDF files with invoices. For the PDF files, we developed mailing, including file encryption via certificates.
8) Customer care
In another phase of the project, we focused on user satisfaction. To this end, we created a customer portal and prepared a satisfaction assessment.
The solution came with something extra
Priority #1 was the thorough testing of all the functions, as well as the precision and timing of the project. Therefore, we also ensured comprehensive release management to ensure everything ran according to plan.
We implemented Sales Force Automation for O2 Slovakia.
The entire business process is mapped and automated – everything from the lead to concluding the contract.
Apart from conducting a business case, the system ensures the following:
  • call centre process
  • lead validation in campaigns
  • assignments to merchants
  • tracking campaign indicators
  • monitoring individual merchants
  • restricting and detecting fraud situations
We added business, provisioning, and billing systems to O2 Business Services
The mutually connected platforms ensure even the most complicated services with only a few clicks.
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Business and sales part
  • actual sales
  • creating custom tariffs, offers
  • processing business process acquisition
  • delivering batches of SIM cards for provisioning
Provisioning systems and service administration
  • system for administering SIM cards
  • service activation and deactivation
  • orders of additional services
  • SMS management of commands
  • integration for provisioning systems
Billing system
  • processing data regarding the SIM card usage (voice messaging and M2M services)
  • tariffing and assessment in relevance to the tariffs of individual SIM cards and customers
  • processing complex processes for mobile, fixed, and M2M services
  • preparing invoices for billing centres, print, and email distribution
  • crediting possible service complaints
  • integration for the accounting system and recording invoices
Personal reference
5 star rating

Collaborating with Orgis IT has been a positive and productive experience for me. Their depth of knowledge in the field of information technology and their ability to grasp and solve complex technical and operational issues were excellent. During our collaboration, we worked together on the implementation of a new IT system and introduced a new technological platform, with Orgis IT playing a key role in this process.

Their communication skills were outstanding, not only within our internal team but also when presenting results and recommendations to our clients. The thoroughness with which they approached their work was exceptional - they paid attention to every detail and focused on even the smallest aspects of the project, resulting in the creation of a stable and effective solution for the client, who could completely rely on it.

In summary, collaborating with Orgis IT has been highly beneficial, and I couldn't wish for a better partner to work on a project with. In the future, I would gladly work with them again and wholeheartedly recommend their services and expertise (not only) in the field of IT.

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Rastislav Senderák, IT Analytik