Case study

How We Unified Processes in Odoo CRM for ICG

Company type:
Consulting Firm
Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Romania, Sweden, Norway, Bulgaria, Hungary, Netherlands
Project MD:
400 +
Project management
Project management
Team leasing
Team leasing
Technical analysis
Technical analysis
CI/CD settings
CI/CD settings
Software development
Software development
Testing software
Testing software
Who is ICG
Integrated Consulting Group is a consulting firm that has been operating in 12 European countries for over 30 years. They focus on improving corporate processes using Lean Six Sigma methodology, corporate innovation, and change management. They deliver tailor-made projects and training to clients, enabling them to apply the transferred knowledge and skills in their day-to-day activities.
One System for All Branches and Processes
ICG was seeking a CRM solution that would manage their contact database and ensure complete processing of the business cycle – from client proposals, through orders and project execution, to marketing and customer care.
Challenges We Addressed
  • Each branch had different processes set up
  • Data was only stored locally
  • Cross-company reporting was complicatedNo unified service catalog available
  • No unified service catalog available
Modules in the Project
  • CRM
  • Sales
  • HR
  • Project management
  • Marketing
The goal was to unify processes in an enterprise-wide system
Our main task was to unify the processes of each branch, as each had different internal systems and procedures.
1) Process Unification
  • Standardizing processes across branches
  • Implementing a company-wide CRM system
  • Automating manual processes
2) Data Availability
  • Storing data on a central cloud
  • Simplifying information sharing and reporting
  • Migrating historical data
We first introduced the Odoo CRM system, in which we prepared all main processes in multi-company mode.
This standardized the system processes, and some were customized according to the requirements of individual departments and legislative demands of the countries.
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By implementing a unified CRM, we also resolved data availability issues, with data now stored on a central cloud, making it accessible to all company managers. Reporting and sharing information between branches thus became much faster and simpler.
In the new system, we then created several key new processes, such as:
- A company-wide product and service catalog linked with internal work reports and billing.
- Calculation of consultant commissions and rewards.
After the successful implementation of Odoo CRM, we began adding additional modules to the system, such as training management linked with a customer portal. We also took care of historical data from various systems – we reviewed these with the client and transferred important records into the new CRM.
Personal reference
5 star rating
"They truly delivered what they promised"

Working with Orgis was very efficient. After initially understanding our needs and the specifics of each branch, they proposed a process that centralizes key information in one place and can be used as a CRM database for a European company, while still respecting local needs. Particularly, I appreciated that they truly delivered what they promised. Of course, new needs and changes arose during the project, but everything was resolved very quickly and within the promised deadlines and scope. We are still using the ERP system and plan to expand it in the coming years.

reference author picture
Milan Gazdík, Managing Director